4 Secrets to Growing Luscious Locks

Whether you’re recovering from a botched ’do or you simply aspire to the locks of a fairy-tale heroine, growing out your hair can be a long, laborious process. The good news is that there are lifestyle changes you can make to expedite the growth. Here are four tried-and-true tips for longer, healthier hair.

Stock Up on Super Foods

Your diet has a major influence on your hair. Eating certain foods can leave your hair thicker, richer, fuller and healthier. For more lustrous locks, experts advise stocking up on eggs (a rich protein source), oysters (they’re full of zinc, which helps with hair loss) and carrots (they’re high in vitamin A, which keeps your hair healthy and hydrated). Other grocery-list must-haves: lentils, dark green veggies and salmon.

Sleep on Satin

Wearing your hair pulled up in a ponytail or bun can be damaging. It’s also ill-advised to sleep on a cotton pillowcase. Switching to a satin option can cause fewer tangles and result in much healthier hair long term.

For a glamorous option, try a SLIP Silk Pillowcase.


Get Regular Trims

Hair grows roughly a half-inch each month. It can be tempting to skip regular trims — especially if it involves losing some of your length — but it’s wise to get a snip every three to four months. A great stylist can help you through the grow-out process by cutting only the dead ends, which should result in healthier-looking hair in the long run.

Try a Supplement

Although there’s no proof that hair-growth pills work, some people do experience a difference when they take a regular supplement designed to support healthier hair. One of the most well-known supplements on the market is biotin. Another option is fermented cod liver oils. These are rich in omega-3s, which support hair growth.

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