Staff Picks: Carly E.

Meet Carly, Sr. Marketing Manager at Rakuten. She’s a busy mom to one crazy cute 2-year old named Léonor (or Leo for short), so she appreciates Cash Back on everyday life things, like an easy dinner with Rakuten Dining.

So, how does she make it in a world of mobile apps and a (very) mobile 2-year-old? Here’s a peep into Carly’s life with little Leo and the little things that help make it all work. Take a look!

What’s one thing your family totally depends on? Like, if you didn’t have it, life would be very hard.

Food and grocery delivery! This is hands down my ultimate life hack. I can order dinner through Caviar on my commute home, and I order groceries at least one to two times a week to replace or stock up on the necessities from Thrive Market and Amazon Pantry.

What’s Leo’s favorite thing right now?

She just got some magnetic building tiles for her 2nd birthday, and she’s obsessed. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! I also recently got her an art easel and several amazing (and affordable) art supplies from Blick that she loves.

100-Piece Clear Colors Magna-Tiles Set

Blick Essentials Paint and Draw Easel

What’s one thing you won’t leave home without, especially with Leo in tow? 

Snacks, water wipes and layers like my daughter’s Patagonia vest, which is so worth the investment for Bay Area weather!

WaterWipes Super Value Box - 540ct

Patagonia Baby Retro-X Fleece Vest

What’s something indulgent you treat yourself or your family to?

Every Friday, we try to make time for an early family “happy hour dinner” because there is only so much you can do before 7pm bedtime. The best part is Rakuten now offers Cash Back at restaurants, too!

What’s one thing you need for the health/well-being of yourself or your family? 

Weekend day trips or our annual trip to France. We try to maximize our weekends to have fun family outings or day trips around the Bay Area. It’s a great way to reset and break the routine a little bit. Once a year, we visit the extended family in France, and it’s great knowing I can save on our flights when I book with Rakuten Travel

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