Staff Picks: Vinyo A.

Meet Vinyo, Project Showrunner at Rakuten. When he’s not making big things happen behind the scenes at Rakuten, he’s pounding the pavement miles at a time and being as fit as we all wish we were. Decked out in the latest wearable fitness tech, Vinyo runs practically, stylishly and happily, knowing he earned Cash Back on everything that makes him go.

Gearing up with brand new running shoes is no sweat off his back. Read on to learn what motivates Vinyo to keep moving.

What is your goal for 2020 and why? 

My biggest goal this year is to get in shape for the Chicago Marathon. Why? Why not! My running watch helps me stay on track by letting me see my daily accomplishments.

Fitness Watches

What are the products or services you’re using to make it happen?

I invested in a pair of Nike Zoom running shoes, my first Lululemon joggers and Apple AirPods Pro. These make all the difference, and I got Cash Back on everything with Rakuten.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

License to Train Jogger

Apple AirPods Pro

What’s keeping you motivated? 

My motivations are daily victory over self-doubt, competition with other friends who are also running and enjoying workouts with Clare, my fiancée.

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