Staff Picks: Claire J. + Courtney S.

Meet Claire, Social Media Manager, and Courtney, Community Manager, at Rakuten. These social queens make days in the office more jovial, and they know a thing or two about maintaining the fun outside of work as 24/7 BFFs, with Cash Back in their pockets, of course.

So, how do they manage the inevitable holiday stress without forgoing even an ounce of cheer? Check out this duo’s favorite life hacks to get through the holidays with extra pep in their steps.

What can you not live without during the holidays?

No surprise, we’re big online shoppers! But during the holidays, In-Store Cash Back becomes our best friend. We love seeing the Macy’s window displays and hearing the holiday music as we do some shopping. Linking your credit card to In-Store Cash Back offers is super simple, too! 

What is your biggest lifesaver this time of year?

Rakuten Dining is a lifesaver for an impromptu happy hour. Being able to sort restaurants and bars by distance means that even two people as indecisive as us can settle on a spot quickly and get those margaritas as soon as possible.

What’s something you depend on to make your day go smoothly?​​

During this time of year, we both have a tendency to over commit to holiday parties, friendsgivings and family gatherings, which inevitably leaves us crunched for time. Lyft gets us where we need to go, so we don’t miss anything!

How do you treat yourself and relax?

We use Seamless when we want to treat ourselves! To be honest, most of the time, our dinners are oatmeal or pasta because they’re easy to make and cheap. But when we want a meal with more than three ingredients, we turn to Seamless for their endless options. Cash Back + yummy Indian takeout = win-win!

What brings you joy this holiday season?

We’re huge fans of Groupon! For fun, we both like to try new workout classes and Groupon always has great deals at local fitness studios. One of our favorites is hot yoga, and we always bring our yoga mat towels because it gets HOT. Drink lots of water before your first class! We learned the hard way, and, now we never leave the house without our Hydro Flask and S’well bottles.

Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 40 oz. Bottle

S'well Bottle in Geode Rose

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