7 Things to Do With Your Extra Day This Leap Year

Leaping 2016 SunsetBeing that Leap Day only comes once every four years, you may not think it’s that big of a deal. But if you’re like every other adult on the planet and find yourself almost constantly saying, “If only I had more time…” then an extra 24 hours is indeed a big deal. We at Ebates have a few ideas (six, in fact) on what you can do this Leap Day to take full advantage of some extra time on your hands and have a few LOLs while you’re at it.

Glee Why GIF1. Go to work because it’s still Monday. I know guys, I know. Why, oh why does our extra day have to be a Monday? Actually, when you think about it, the extra day could be considered the last day of the year, which will be a Saturday in 2016. Console yourself with that little factoid. Or just come down with some mysterious and sudden “illness” that only lasts for 24 hours and tell your boss you’ll definitely just be in bed and not doing any of the things listed below. *wink*

Yoga GIF2. Make Leap Day your mandatory workout day. Seriously, talk about an easy commitment. Dust off your mountain bike, go snow-shoeing for a solid hour, or find a single-serving yoga class and try not to look like this guy (but you probably will if you only do yoga once every four years. Whatever, at least you’ve finally found a workout regimen you can consistently stick to.)

Sisters Movie GIF

3. Master the latest dance craze. You know learning how to Whip and Nae Nae or Hit the Quan has secretly been on your to-do list for months. Throw yourself into some YouTube research, clear the room and cut that rug, son. You can start to learn something new everyday, but a dance move should only take a couple of hours, four hours tops for the rhythmically challenged.

Poor Thing GIF4. Tell everyone it’s your birthday. There is no amount of sympathy that is quite like the amount you get when people think you’re a leap day baby. This is also immediately followed by the fun they get to have in calculating how many birthdays you have actually had and then they get to make the ever-witty joke of, “Hey, Happy 8th Birthday! You’re a big girl now!” Yes, Applebee’s Waitress. I am a big girl now. Now give me my free Triple Chocolate Meltdown, skip the song and be on your way, please and thank you.

Buster Bluth Scared GIF5. Propose to every dude you see. One famous Leap Day tradition is for women to propose to their boyfriends. But we thought it might be fun to open this one up to every single guy you encounter during the day. The mailman, your hot neighbor, your boss or any random male stranger. You’ll get a good laugh and they’ll get a nice dose of cardio after leaving skid marks to run away from you as fast as possible. It’s a win/win.

Bunny Costume GIF6. Dress like a leaping creature. Think of Leap Day as Halloween 2.0. and dust off that old frog or bunny costume to really get into the spirit. Then take the outfit out for a few jumps around the neighborhood, wishing people a Happy Leap Day all along the way. Just remember to refrain from leaping past your office because, remember, you’re sick and not doing any of this stuff.

Shopping GIF7. GO SHOPPING. At Ebates, an extra day means extra pay. Stay tuned to Ebates.com for something BIG this Leap Day with special Cash Back deals that will top off your 24 hours just right. And for those playing hookie home sick, don’t forget about In-Store Cash Back offers at big-name stores like Ann Taylor, EXPRESS, The Body Shop and more!



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