20 Ways to Pamper Your Pooch on National Dog Day

Small dog playing with green ball

Hot diggety it’s National Dog Day! This Friday, August 26th is a day dedicated to showing appreciation for our favorite four-legged family members. It’s also a great day to save big on special treats for your pet pal with National Dog Day coupons and a promo code from Ebates. Celebrating this holiday can be as easy as giving your dog a scratch behind the ear and maybe an extra good tummy rub. After all, your best friend is pretty easy to please. But if you want to give your buddy the very best, this holiday is your chance to save big on pet supplies, dog treats and dog toys by shopping our top pet care stores while earning Cash Back at Ebates. To get the ball rolling on the celebrations, here are 20 ways to treat your dog to a special day with links to our top dog-friendly stores where you can save while you shop.Golden Retriever puppy in mud.

  1. Encourage a roll in the mud. Most dogs like to get dirty, it’s just a fact of dogness. You can let your mutt get muddy without stressing about stains if you stock up on safe, natural stain and odor cleaners and dog supplies at Petco. Use a petcare promo code at checkout to save at Petco.com and find great free shipping offers too.
  2. Make a dog-safe cake or cookies. Believe it or not, there are sweet treat recipes out there designed to delight dogs. What better way to say “I love you” than with cake!
  3. Play advanced fetch. Although a dog can play fetch with anything from your car keys to unreasonably big sticks, there are pet toys out there designed to play long-distance fetch. These games help give dogs excellent exercise while getting in some quality pet-owner bonding time.
  4. Open the couch for cuddles. Pet stores don’t have a monopoly on pet accessories for your home. Use a coupon code to get a great price on a easy-wash microfiber couch cover from Walmart and you can snuggle your buddy without worrying about the upholstery.
  5. Give your pooch a paw-dicure. You can take advantage of the fashion world gone wild and give your pet a day at the nail salon with pet-safe nail-polish and other salon-worthy dog accessories.Pomeranian with luxury collar and leash
  6. Bring on the bling. What’s a holiday without a little bit of dressing up? PetSmart has an amazing array of gorgeous and affordable dog collars that will make your furry friend top model ready. Yes, there are ones shaped like bowties.
  7. Make new friends. Dogs are social creatures, even the shy ones. Introduce your dog to new furry faces at the local park, at an outdoor event or just on a walk somewhere new.
  8. Make a portrait of your pooch. The best way to truly capture your pet’s personality is with a portrait – and I don’t mean just a really good vertical photo on your cell phone. There are tons of amazing artists on Etsy that specialize in custom pet portraits.
  9. Follow the leader. Go for a walk with your dog and surrender the navigational decision making to them. Following your dog’s nose may not mean following the roads, but it’s sure to lead to excitement.
  10. Share with others. It has been shown that therapy animals like dogs and cats really can bring significant health benefits to people and lower stress. Keep an eye out for information on therapy dog training both locally and online. Find out more about how your dog can lend a paw to help others and get some extra special love.
  11. Junk food. You don’t have to feed your pets unhealthy treats to indulge them because there are lots of great, healthy options available. For all the best sweet, salty, crunchy, meaty treats your pooch can handle, browse the selection of natural food and treats for dogs at Pet360.Woman and Saint Bernard dog laying on sofa
  12. Take a time out. Dogs are basically furry toddlers and for both of them, naptime is key. Dogs need 12-14 hours of sleep a day so why not join them for one or two – it’s the ultimate bonding activity in the dog world.
  13. Karaoke. Seriously. Have you even heard a dog sing? It’s awesome and absolutely worth recording on video.
  14. Play dress up. You dog might not love this one as much as you, but the photos will be worth it. Instagram gold.Mature woman and dog, in convertible car
  15. Take them for a ride. Roll the windows down and let the sweet breeze flow through your pup’s fur and flap some ears. Guaranteed smiles all around.
  16. Get a checkup. A trip to the doctor sounds like a bummer of a way to celebrate a holiday until you consider how crucial it is for you to have a good idea of your dog’s health at every age. Make sure your furry friend gets to the vet for regular checkups and save on the top-selling pet medications at PetCareRx where you can earn Cash Back at Ebates with every refill. For affordable pet prescription plans, visit Pet Plus which puts the best pet care online right at your fingertips.
  17. Make a sacrifice. Give up an old shoe, a ragged shirt or some other worn-out item that’s usually off-limits to your dog. Let them destroy it. Witness their joy. Think about whether or not that was a bad idea later.
  18. Write a book starring you and your dog having epic adventures. This is easier than it sounds thanks to the abundance of online publishers, like Snapfish, that can arrange, edit, print, bind and ship a photo book about you and Bowser straight to your door.
  19. Offer a refreshment. It’s important for dogs to stay hydrated and when you search online for “flavored water for dogs” you’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have hydrating.
  20. Remember this day. Make a dog print stepping stone, ornament or paint print to create a one-of-a-kind memento that you can keep forever and ever.




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