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Free Gifts

Everybody loves a free gift! That’s why Rakuten is excited to share a daily list of select merchants that want to give you, our loyal members, a free gift with purchase!

Rakuten’ more than 2,000 merchants offer thousands of products in nearly every category, including apparel, cosmetics, home furnishings, technology and more. Rakuten makes it so convenient to shop from the comfort of your home and avoid the hassle of crowds and traffic, but what will make your online shopping trip even better is a free gift with purchase! Cosmetics merchants often give away full- and trial-size makeup and skin-care products with purchase. Clothing, shoe and accessories stores may offer a free tote, T-shirt or jewelry. Gourmet food shops might have a sweet treat just for you when you buy a gift basket for a friend. Discover which of your favorite stores is offering a gift today by going through Rakuten before you shop. Simply scroll down the list of merchants and click on the coupon codes offering a free gift to start your shopping trip!

Stores offering free gifts change daily, so check back often. If you’re not already a Rakuten member, it’s easy to join. Sign up for free to get daily coupons and promo codes from the merchants you know and love. Our more than 10 million members get amazing deals by shopping through Rakuten, along with Cash Back on purchases. Start shopping today and soon you’ll get a Big Fat Check!

Free Gift Offers with Cash Back